Something to Shout About

Year: 1943
Role: Donna Davis

This backstage musical offers a peek at vaudeville behind-the-scenes. The story centers on a recently divorced woman who decides to use her generous alimony settlement to stage an old fashioned vaudeville show.

Footlight Serenade

Year: 1942

Victor Mature plays an arrogant champion boxer who opts for an acting career on Broadway. He falls in love with his costar Betty Grable, who's secretly married to actor John Payne.

Son of Fury

Year: 1942

This period swashbuckler film is based on the adventure novel Benjamin Blake by Edison Marshall, who also wrote The Vikings (1958). When his brother dies, scheming Arthur Blake (George Sanders) kidnaps his own nephew.

Right to the Heart

Year: 1942
Role: Barbara Paxton

In this romance, a spoiled, self-centered rich boy John T. Bromley III, is simultaneously disinherited by his wealthy aunt and kicked out by his social climbing girl friend.

Charlie Chan in Rio

Year: 1941
Role: Grace Ellis

Charlie Chan in Rio is a remake of 1931's Black Camel, one of the few pre-1934 "Charlie Chan" entries still in existence. While the original film was set in Hawaii, the remake takes place in Brazil.

Murder among Friends

Year: 1941
Role: Jessica Gerald

Marjorie Weaver, frequently cast as the "Girl Friday" in 20th Century-Fox's Michael Shayne pictures, is permitted to solve a mystery on her own in Murder Among Friends.

Accent on Love

Year: 1941

In this sentimental drama, a real estate executive tires of his privileged life working for his wealthy father-in-law and decides to leave his job and family to become a WPA ditch digger.

Weekend in Havana

Year: 1941
Role: Terry McCracken

In this musical, the cruise that salesgirl Nan Spencer (Alice Faye) worked so hard to pay for is cut tragically short when the ship is damaged.

Small Town Deb

Year: 1941
Role: Helen Randall

Jane Withers, 20th Century-Fox's second-feature Shirley Temple, plays the favorite daughter of a wealthy man (Cecil Kellaway). Real-life debutante Cobina Wright Jr. plays Jane's snobbish sister, who is pushed into society by her mother (Katherine Alexander).

Moon over Miami

Year: 1941

The first of several remakes of 1938's Three Blind Mice, the Technicolor musical Moon Over Miami stars Betty Grable and Carole Landis as Kay and Susan Latimer, two Texas carhops who journey to Florida in search of a rich husband.