Favorite: Something to Shout About

This backstage musical offers a peek at vaudeville behind-the-scenes. The story centers on a recently divorced woman who decides to use her generous alimony settlement to stage an old fashioned vaudeville show. Unfortunately her chief backer insists on being the star. Fortunately, at the last minute, a very talented person replaces the no-talent backer. Songs include: "I Always Knew," "Hasta Luego," "Lotus Bloom," "Something to Shout About," "Through Thick and Thin." The song "You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To," was nominated for an Academy Award. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi

Something to Shout About [lobby card]A Musical Comedy Film
Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter
Screenplay by Lou Breslow and Edward Eliscu,
based on a story by Fred Schiller
Working Title: Wintergarden

A Columbia Pictures Release
(February 1943; 90 minutes; B & W)
Produced and Directed by Gregory Ratoff
Director of Photography: Franz F. Planer
Film Editor: Otto Meyer
Art Director: Lionel Banks
Set Dressing: Faye Babcock
Production Design by Nicolai Remisoff
Choreography by David Lichine
Orchestral Arrangements: David Raksin and Gil Grau
Vocal Arrangements: Paul Mertz
Music Recording by Philip Faulkne
Sound Recording by Lodge Cunningham
Musical Direction by M.W. Stoloff

You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To [UK sheet music]


Don Ameche (Ken Douglas), Janet Blair (Jeanie Maxwell),
Jack Oakie
(Larry Martin), William Gaxton (Willard Samson),
Cobina Wright, Jr.
(Donna Davis), Veda Ann Borg (Flo),
Jaye Martin
(Dan Howard), Lily Norwood [Cyd Charisse] (Lily),
David Lichine, the Bricklayers, James "Chuckles" Walker,
Teddy Wilson and His Band,
and Hazel Scott

Musical Numbers

  • "You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To" - Don Ameche and Janet Blair
  • "I Can Do Without Tea in My Teapot" [lyrics not used in the film]
  • "Through Thick and Thin" - Hazel Scott and Janet Blair [danced by Jack Oakie and James "Chuckles" Walker]
  • "I Always Knew" - Janet Blair and Jaye Martin
  • "Something to Shout About" - Janet Blair
  • "Lotus Bloom" - Janet Blair [danced by David Lichine, Lily Norwood and, Ensemble]
  • "Hasta Luego" - Janet Blair, David Lichine, and Ensemble
  • "I Always Knew" (reprise) - Janet Blair and Don Ameche
  • "Something to Shout About" (reprise) - Entire Cast 

You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To [sheet music]Cut Songs

  • "It Might Have Been" [dropped during production]
  • "I Can Do Without Tea in My Teapot" [vocal unused]
  • "Couldn't Be" [unused; alternate title: "I Couldn't Be More in Love"]
  • "Take It Easy" [unused]
  • "Let Doctor Schmett Vet Your Pet" [unused]

Contemporaneous Recordings

"You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To" - Dinah Shore with Paul Weston and His Orchestra

  • 78 RPM, 1942 [Victor 20-1519] Charted on January 23, 1943; peaked at #3

"It Might Have Been" - Hal McIntyre and His Orchestra

  • 78 RPM, 1942 [Victor 20-1959]

"You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To" - Six Hits and a Miss

  • 78 RPM, 1943 [Capitol 127] Charted on March 6, 1943; peaked at #11