Murder among Friends

Year: 1941
Role: Jessica Gerald

Marjorie Weaver, frequently cast as the "Girl Friday" in 20th Century-Fox's Michael Shayne pictures, is permitted to solve a mystery on her own in Murder Among Friends.

Weaver plays Mary Lou, an insurance agent who smells a rat when several elderly men, all beneficiaries to a "Tontine" insurance policy taken out by one of them years earlier, die under suspicious circumstances. Accompanied by her doctor boyfriend Tom Wilson (John Hubbard), she rushes from one policy holder to another in hopes of stemming the killing spree. Through the process of elimination-elimination of the beneficiaries, that is-Mary Lou finally figures out who's responsible for the skullduggery. Featured in the cast as Dr. Wilson's neglected fiancee is New York debutante Cobina Wright Jr., who'd later be cast as a murder victim herself in Fox's Charlie Chan in Rio.